Memories That Burn

by Grayscale

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Instrumental demo of the first release.

Everything will be re-recorded with fresh programming and vocals, to be released on cassette during the spring.


released February 5, 2015

All music and lyrics written and performed by D.L.



all rights reserved


Grayscale Fredonia, New York


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Track Name: Troubled Time
Wonder above and drown below
in the sea of countless faces,
all the stories that we never know
walking passed our eyes cast down
tell me, if I cried, if I begged for help
would you hear the sound?
or would your filters just let it be drowned out?

In the night, under stars
walking through shadows in a fragile state
remember back to that dance
when they all laughed and I cried
when I had to sit and wait alone outside
in my then young hands my face I hid
it's not the start of my troubled times

From behind the screens we've been teased
and tormented to points of self-harm
behind the headline scene a family cries
daughters, friends, and sons left to die

Taught that its not okay to ask for help
in your fatigue you will just walk away
attention accusations, why is that so wrong?
we are gardens withering, just trying to be strong
Track Name: An Apology
An apology, I've heard it been said
that it's never too late
but does this ring true
if the one whom it's owed is now dead
Your ghost haunts me now
all the words left unsaid
Let's talk about it next time
there is always next time
except when there's not
Is my misery a curse?
is it just lessons learned?
and I've tried hating you
but I know it's my fault
If our clocks were visible
would this be how it is?
with heavy baggage I will try to press on
just know I'm sorry you're gone
so sorry you're gone......
Track Name: Twelve-Hundred Days
Interstate 90
seeking perpetual night
into the haze of dread
so thick it makes my breath short
dense as the fogs that envelop the playground that we shared

Like gunshots that shatter Euclid nights
to steal a life away
so were the moments I had before those eyes
so were the moments I felt among those hands

In arms we drew breaths and plans together
casting dreams from rooftops to passing trains
red line adventures that culminate
in the final moment of magic I ever felt
head light approaches, pierce the night
it stole us away

Should I have kissed you then?
could I have kept you here?

Your ghost lingers here now
impeding and tortures me
separated by three-thousand miles
and roughly twelve-hundred days

Where and when you finally saw ocean
I have yet to find my peace
but I continue speeding on
seeking that perpetual night
Track Name: The Memories That Burn
Memories I've stowed away
for in a life of misery
they are the ones that steal my sleep

Nocturnity, a curse of dark
where any shaft of light
washes me with painful first degree burns

Whether it comes forth
as Madeline
and her tiny hand in mine

Or christmas eve
with snow on the ground
wondering what will be under the tree

They were so few and far between
isolated as fallen stars in the sea
There comes a point in our withering
sustenance appears now as mere cruelty
so hard now to find pleasant memories
suffering has become sterility
pandoras box waits, but is locked tightly
blindly I call for the one with a key

Until they arrive I will lay
on dark, wet stone
and try to find stoicism
in this grave so cold